Who Are We?

EETEP (English Effort to End Poverty) is an aid organisation that aims to assist people living in poverty. We give tailored assistance and, depending on the circumstances, our work can involve anything from building a house to supplying schoolbooks for children. We intend to grow in strength and have the capability to react to any disaster - be it natural or man-made - anywhere in the world.

Latest Appeal

Recently EETEP have been in contact with Kanjanur Village School in India — they need quite a lot of building work doing to provide the best education possible for 220 nursery and primary underprivileged children in Viluppuram district Tamilandu. To list all their needs here would be too much, but a few of the jobs include: a new roof, walls (these need to be built so individual classrooms can be made), toilets, water tanks, and play equipment for the children.

We Need Your Help

Our goal is to become global in reach, so why not join us and see what a difference YOU can make to people all over the world living in poverty. Our vision is a free and prosperous society in which there is a total reduction of poverty - a world where every citizen is entitled to live freely with access to basic healthcare, education and legal rights.

Our Work and Funding

We aim to be completely open in our own work and funding as there's nothing more disconcerting than making a donation and not seeing where it's been used. EETEP photograph and document all work carried out and, additionally, we supply all receipts for each trip abroad. Anybody interested in seeing our accounts would be more than welcome. For our continued growth we do need help from you via sponsorship and fundraisers. Please consider a donation, whether it be money, services or any other kind of assistance. We work both independently and alongside other aid organisations and feel that if we all help each other out, we can accomplish so much more. We have a network of trusted organisations and people that are on the ground working with us and this in turn cuts down on the amount of visits we need to make abroad, minimising our own expenditure.