October, 2011

For our latest newsletter we take a quick look back at what, together, we've achieved so far (and a big thankyou to everyone who's chipped in, financially and in other ways). To date we have undertaken and completed work in the following areas: Bosnia, Croatia, India, The Gambia and Guinea-Bissau.


We built a small house for Mustafa in Dzakola Bosnia. He looks a different man these days. We still help him out with the odd thing here and there but his whole attitude and outlook on the future is much better. Ramza (in Gracanica, Bosnia) has lived a hard life. We supplied her with a bed settee, sleeping bag, carpet, cooker and fridge. We also repaired the shrapnel damage to her home and fixed the water supply to her bathroom. In addition to this, we had her roof removed, repaired and refitted. Finally, we sponsored her for a full year.

Merima Smilovic in Doboj, Bosnia, now has a mobility scooter so she can get out of the house and be more independent. She also benefits from a monthly sponsorship of £51. Mislavka Dautovic in Gračanica, Bosnia, now has new windows, doors, roof and a washing machine, and his exterior walls have been insulated and plastered. School equipment, clothes and shoes have also been supplied for her son. Ramiz Ahmedbasic, a landmine victim living in Dzakola, Bosnia, has been supplied with a bathroom suite and building materials to repair the outside of his home. On my last visit I called to check out how he had done, and the house was completely transformed. Samir Hadzic in Lukavac, Bosnia, is a 15-year-old who'd lost both parents. He now receives £33 per month sponsorship to help with food and medical bills, and an agreement has been setup with his bank so that he'll receive this money until he turns 18.

Fifty-two members of the Concentration Camp Victims network (run by Alisa in Sarajevo, Bosnia) have been supplied with hygiene packs and food parcels. 1,000 m of fabric was also donated to the sewing rooms that are run by female concentration camp victims. Hasib suljic, a married father of four and landmine victim living in Kuljen, Bosnia, was supplied with a made-to-measure prosthesis from Otto Bock in Sarajevo. We also supplied shoes and clothes for his four children and put a new roof on his home. We helped Agan, in Gracanica, set up a small coffee shop in town. Unemployment is high in Bosnia so his chances of getting a job are slim. So with this small business, he can get up each day knowing he has a job with an income. We've helped Mujo in Tuzla, Bosnia, by supplying him with a MIG welder, tools and spray equipment. He's now started his own garage spraying and repairing cars.

Aljo Bicakcic in Gracanica, Bosnia, is a six-year-old boy who lost his father Mirsad early last year in a building accident. Mirsad had worked for us on Ramza’s roof and was an excellent builder. We bought Aljo a new bike and sponsored him for £33 a month, for a year. Dejan Zvizdalo in Trnovo, near Sarajevo Bosnia, was the first patient to benefit from our partnership with Otto Bock and the landmine survivors network. Dejan was supplied with two new prosthesis. As a result of our combined partnerships, this work was done at greatly reduced cost. Namir Logavija, landmine victim and father of two, was supplied with a new prosthesis from Otto Bock. Husein Kaplan, victim of a car accident from Visako, on the outskirts of Sarajevo, was also supplied with a new prosthesis from Otto Bock. Salko Music, a widower and father of three living in Grabovica, Bosnia, has been supplied with a new roof, timbers and plasterboard to bring his small home up to a liveable standard. Zokic (a Hospital for mental and physical patients in Sarajevo, Bosnia) has had new water and soil pipes, and a new bathroom and toilet.


We supplied a new cooker and fridge to John & Marie who live in Croatia.


Land was bought in Coimbatore and an orphanage has been built there. This project has cost £35,000. In addition, EETEP Aid continues to support the orphanage in the amount of £275 per month.

The Gambia

We've rebuilt and refurbished two classrooms, complete with tables and chairs, at a school in Kiang.


We're sponsoring eight orphans (brothers and a sister) in the amount of £115 per month. The youngest is six and the eldest is Fatumatu (17 years old), she's responsible for looking after her seven younger brothers.