Phill: Charity Machine!

Bosnia-bound Phill Booth is jetting off for a fresh charity quest to come to the aid of concentration camp survivors in Sarajevo. The big-hearted Glossopian is heading to the Balkans next Monday to give vital support to poverty-stricken families in the region. The one-man charity campaigner has made visits to Bosnia since setting up the English Effort To End Poverty (EETEP) last year. Phill, of Chapel Street, will be meeting old friends when back in the country and making a life-changing offer to a Bosnian father-of-four.

New Hope (right): Habib Suljic and family are benefitting from Phill's staunch support while all will be rosy in the garden if Glossop bidders come forward to help the charity cash in on the donated carving (below, right).

Habib Suljic was a landmine victim in Bosnia and Phill has helped to ensure that he is given a made to measure prosthetic leg from Dr Otto Bock in Sarajevo. Charity cash will also be used to pay for shoes and clothes for Hasib's children and to put a new roof on his home. Phill explains: “While I am in Bosnia EETEP will be supporting the victims of concentrations camp survivors organisation in Sarajevo, we will be paying Otto Block for a prosthesis for Hasib, work to build his new leg has already started, we will also be doing the usual food parcels and some building work.”

Heart-warming stories such as that of Hasib can only be made possible through the hard work and dedication of Phill and the help of members of the public in Glossop and beyond. One supporter recently donated an eye-catching garden carving to the cause, which Phill is now hoping to sell to raise more funds for his charity.

“We could do with selling this garden carving before I go as funding for this trip is tight to say the least” admits Phill.

Phill is set to expand his fundraising efforts thanks to the launch of a brand new Web site connecting him with internet users all over the globe. The site contains all the latest information on EETEP's projects in Bosnia and how you can get involved in the campaign. Log onto to find out more. The site was generously donated by Matt Nicholas who lives in Driffield, East Yorkshire and also contains a 10 min video donated by a Bosnian now living in Denmark.

If you would like to place a bid for the garden carving, contact Phill before November 14, on 077666 574 26 or contact his home number after November 14, on (01457) 891 411 and ask for Tracy.

Story by Chris Maxwell-with thanks to the Glossop Chronicle Newspaper for kind permission to reprint this article. If anybody would like to help Phill or would like more information on EETEP Aid organisation they can contact him on 07766657426 or email