Fighting Poverty

A Glossop charity campaigner has launched a hi-tech new initiative to fight global poverty in the click of a mouse. Phill Booth, founder of English Effort to End Poverty (EETEP) is urging residents to use the charity's new search engine and help to increase funds while online. The scheme is free of charge to the user but every computer search means more money for good causes without even leaving the comfort of your own home. EETEP provides vital financial support to poverty-stricken families in Bosnia and is eager for extra funds to carry out more work.

Charity Champion (above, right): Phill Booth (pictured with just one of the Bosnian people he has helped with his charity) is urging Glossop to get online and support a good cause.

Phill said: “EETEP Aid is asking supporters to use the new search engine, it can be set as a home page and works the same as Google in every way. “The only difference is that when you have signed up for our search engine every search you make means EETEP gets paid.” All you have to do to get involved is:

  • Go to
  • Click on the 'select the charity you would like to support' link.
  • Enter the word eetep in the search bar and click. EETEP should now be displayed.
  • Next to the green tick click on 'select this charity'.
  • You will now have to enter your details, name, email address, and select a password, when complete click the sign up button.

Phill adds: “Your home page should now be set as the EETEP search engine at any time you can click on the EETEP link to view how much our supporters have raised to date. “At the moment we have £3.60 and two supporters. Please this is a simple way you can help us raise some funds and the best part is it will NOT cost you a penny.”