Pedal Power for Poverty

Charity crusader Phil Booth has sent out a vital plea to big-hearted Glossopians to put their pedal to the mettle and get on their bikes for a good cause. Phill, of Chapel Street, is urging locals to join him on the Manchester to Blackpool Bike Ride and help raise valuable funds for another mercy mission to poverty-stricken Bosnia.

The energy-sapping challenge on two wheels takes place on July 16 and Phill will be competing for his English Effort to End Poverty (EETEP) campaign which is bringing renewed hope to the long-suffering people of the Balkans region. Phill's one-man charity has proved a huge success in recent months, with the Glossop man ploughing thousands of pounds of his own cash and that of generous donators into improving lives across the globe. But with problems so widespread in Bosnia and so much work still to be done, Phill is hoping that the local community can boost his hopes of returning to Bosnia with a detour to Blackpool.

Phill told the chronicle: “We want as many riders as possible to take part in the Manchester to Blackpool ride to raise as much money as we can for EETEP.”

Just one of the many people who Phill is working tirelessly to support is Ramiz Ahmedbasic and his family, who are in need of £1,150 for much-needed repair work to their home. Phill adds: “On our last visit to Bosnia we met a Muslim family who live in Dzakola, they are in need of many things.”

“The father, Ramiz Ahmedbasic, is a landmine victim. His legs were saved but he has difficulty walking. He is married with three children aged six to ten, this family really need some help their main problem is the house is in need of repair it's one of the old Bosnian construction houses.”

“With this small amount of money it could be brought back to standard, they urgently needed a bathroom suite so EETEP supplied a second-hand suite to them in December, we told Ramiz we would try to get some money together for around March/April so the building work can be done. We need riders the more the better to help us raise some funds.”

Phill is hoping to return to Bosnia next month to renew old friendships and continue his great work in the area and having a fresh flock of supporters would give him a vital boost in the ongoing battle. The Manchester to Blackpool bike ride is the North-West's biggest bike ride and was held for the first time in 1987. The 19th annual Manchester to Blackpool Bike Ride sets off from the heart of Manchester in Albert Square through country lanes to finish at Stanley Park, Blackpool.

Big crowds will cheer on the competitors-all racing for their own charities-and there is also an opportunity to enjoy a host of other activities including the beer tent, barbecue, music and even massage to aid your aching muscles. If you would like to take part in one of the most fun and important bike rides on the calendar, contact Phill on (077666) 57426 or by emailing

Story by Chris Maxwell - with thanks to the Glossop Chronicle Newspaper for granting permission to reprint this article. If anybody would like to help Phill or would like more information on EETEP Aid organisation they can contact him on 07766657426 or email