Urgent Cash Plea

A Glossop charity campaigner bringing a fresh hope to poverty-stricken Bosnia has issued an urgent appeal for funds. Globe-trotting Phill Booth has clocked up thousands of air miles over the last year in his bid to offer financial support in the country. Phill, of Chapel Street, has been forced to dig deep into his own pockets to keep his aid organisation English Effort to End Poverty (EETEP) on the road-but now is desperate for Glossop to back his efforts if his dream is not to grind to a halt.

From helping to build houses, renovating hospitals and supplying cash to poor families, the work of EETEP continues to offer a valuable lifeline. Phill, now back at home after another gruelling trip to Bosnia, told the Chronicle: “We took £2,800 to Bosnia as we had hoped to give a grant to a boxing club.

“However, I am no longer willing to pay on my credit card for the projects, I took those risks in the early days. “EETEP as a registered charity has been running over twelve months now, it has been very difficult to set up and even more difficult to fund.”

Phill is eager to continue his sterling work, knowing that he is making an impact on so many lives. But now is the time for charity to begin at home-and for his town to help him at his time of need. Phill added: “We feel it's time the public really got behind us with some regular funding. £5 a month would give us something solid to work with. “We aim to help as many people as possible but without support we will fail to help anybody.”

Phill's recent Bosnian visit was another success for EETEP-but helping as many people as he wishes is becoming a daunting challenge. Phill renovated the house of a widowed father-of-three, spending over £1,500 on materials for a new roof and plasterboard ceiling in every room.

A hospital for the mentally and physically disabled also benefited from EETEP's help. Lack of funds, however, meant that EETEP could only afford to pay for one new bathroom and toilet in a facility in dire need of refurbishment.

EETEP's work was still gratefully received, but Phill boarded his flight back home frustrated and filled with regret. “I have been away from my family for over two weeks with very little contact,” said Phill. “My reason for this is that I know what we do is important and my family are willing to make the sacrifice.

“I feel we didn't do enough and I have returned home with a feeling of disappointment. Ebay sales have slumped and donations are few and far between. “I actually worked for four weeks in exchange for a donation to the charity of £1000 Without this we would not have gone (back to Bosnia).”

Story by Chris Maxwell-with thanks to the Glossop Chronicle Newspaper for kind permission to reprint this article. If anybody would like to help Phill or would like more information on EETEP Aid organisation they can contact him on 07766657426 or email phill@eetep.org.