Fundraising Ideas

We've compiled below a list of ten popular fundraising ideas that you might like to try…any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Visit the schools in your area, asking them to hold a non-school uniform day to raise money.
  • Collect all unwanted household items from friends and family and have a car boot sale.
  • Approach churches and youth groups and ask them if they can help in any way (an example might be to hold a car wash day for us).
  • Ask family and friends to donate items that either you, or we, can sell on eBay. For friends who are already selling their own items on eBay, let them know EETEP is fully registered with MissionFish. You could request they kindly donate a percentage of their sales to us.
  • Hold a coffee morning for us - you could include a raffle!
  • You could hold a sponsored event for us or ask someone who takes part in walks, cycle rides or any sports event to help us raise money through sponsorship.
  • We have football cards that can be filled in and a cash prize given out. They have around 40 boxes at £1 each with a prize of £15
  • Approach friends, family, businesses etc. and ask them to donate by standing order.
  • EETEP welcomes anyone who wishes to help out in any way. We'll provide you with all the help and information you need to get started, so please get in touch and help us out if you can.