Sponsored events are a great way to raise money. Are you intending to do a cycle ride, marathon or even a walk? Please consider getting it sponsored and help us to raise some money! Could you get your friends together and help us to raise funds?

It's So Simple!

The way it works is easy: the people chosen to receive your contribution are hand-picked and carefully vetted (only the poorest people in the greatest need will benefit from your donation). When you agree to set up a standing order for a particular family or individual, the money is credited into our UK account and then transferred abroad, where it's paid directly to the chosen recipients. Ideally this is done through the banking system, but when that's not possible it's delivered by hand by one of our representatives on an ongoing, monthly basis.

A Little Extra Info

For further ideas on how you can help us, please return to our main Support page. If you have any questions regarding sponsorship please get in touch with us by clicking on the 'Contact' link found at the top of each page.