Volunteering Your Skills

This job involves brainstorming fundraising ideas that will help the Charity raise its public profile and also help gain funds to help us continue with our work. It'll also involve the promoting of events and contacting local schools and youth clubs, giving them information about our charity and encouraging them to get involved. It'll also mean liaising with the events organiser and taking jobs delegated to them in order to help the big events run smoothly.

Events Organiser

The events organiser will manage big charity events and liaise with the fundraising team. They'll be responsible for ensuring that big events run smoothly and are handled in a professional manner. The events organiser will be backed up by members of the fundraising team, who will help with organisation and publicity of events.

Online Seller

The job of the online seller is to manage our eBay sales online, checking them regularly and making sure we don't loose any credibility with our customers. They'll be expected to work closely with the delivery person.

Delivery Person

The delivery person's job is to pick up goods and photograph them before we can advertise them online. Their job will also be to work as a team with the online seller to make sure everything runs smoothly. Once the goods are sold, it'll be their job to send the goods to the post office on time. We are looking for at least two people to volunteer for this post.


It's the Networker's job to contact local businesses and ask them for support either by sponsoring our charity or donating goods for us to sell to help raise money for our the charity. It'll also be their job to build relations within the local community and give talks about the charity in local schools, churches and youth groups etc.

Up for the challenge? Then phone Phill on 07766657426. We look forward to hearing from you!